Please read our general information of Transformers.

LOW FREQUENCY POWER TRANSFORMERS also include auto-transformers, potential transformers and isolation transformers. Their operating frequency is usually at 50/60 Hz or at 400 Hz.

HIGH FREQUENCY POWER TRANSFORMERS operate at frequencies from 1 KHz to 500 KHz and occasionally higher. The frequency of operation is defined by the requirments of the circuit designer. The cores for these transformers are usuall made of iron powder, molypermalloy power(MPP), or ferrite materials and there is a wide array of core shapes to allow for more efficient circuit layouts. They have a higher power density than their low frequency counterparts, since for the given output power, these units can be much smaller . They also typically have higher efficiencies than low frequency transformers and the power limit is dependent upon the operating frequency. NIKKOTRONICS can manufacture these transformers according to your deign or you can select from our standard product ranges.

Both low and high frequency transformers are used in the conversion of voltage and current from one level to another. They are also used for the conversion of one input power source to several smaller power outputs. They are also used for the electrical isolation of input and output circuitry. They are also used in high frequency switching power supplies.

Three phase power transformers possess all the characteristics of the low frequency laminated and c-core type transformers. They are usually build on special 3-Phase cores and normally consist of three discretet coils assembled on one core and hooked up with either a delta or wye connection. They are used for power conversion in 3-phase systems. They are also used for electrical isolation of input and ouputs in a 3-phase system.


LAMINATION TRANSFORMERS: Due to their operating frequency and cost considerations, cores are usually of silicon-iron(SiFe) alloys ranging from 0.014 to 0.025 inches in thickness. Their windings are put on a plastic bobbin or paper coilforms. NIKKOTRONICS has the capability to design and build these transformers up to 5 KVA in power and a large range of sizes.

TOROID TRANSFORMERS: Their cores are also made of SiFe alloys ranging from 0.005 to 0.012 inches in thickness. The windings are put directly on the cores by specialized equipment. Toroids inherently have a low emitted radiation of flux(emissivity) and low suceptibility to electomagnetic interference(EMI) from other sources.

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